Matt Underation



VR/AR & Full Stack Developer

Experienced in designing and developing robust software solutions from start to finish, as well as constructing efficient and reliable DevOps pipelines. I also have passion for both virtual and augmented reality software, as I see a bright future behind these emerging technologies.

I am always looking to acquire opportunities where I can further my education and improve my skills, while effectively contributing to the growth and success of the organization. I aspire to pursue greatness through hard work, diligence, and synergy with my coworkers.


Below is a combination of some of my older VR, AR, and web-based software work. Feel free to check them out!

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Bachelor of Science - Computer Science

2017 - 2021

Colorado Technical Unviersity

Technical Skills

  • Languages: C#, Javascript, SQL, Python, HTML/CSS, VBScript
  • Frameworks: .NET, Entity Framework, Node, React, Unity Engine, Classic ASP
  • Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Unix, OS X 10+
  • Database: MySQL, PostgresSQL, Oracle

Core Competencies

  • Proficient in planning, developing, and maintaining robust software solutions.
  • Exposure to Agile development methodologies and planning sessions
  • Expert in working with VR and AR technologies.
  • Experience with large cutting edge development pipelines using the latest technologies
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills

Professional Experience

Senior Software Engineer - Full Stack

2022 - Present

Capital One

  • Developed multiple vital back-end API's using .NET and Entity Framework
  • Managed a large data repository for our API's using Postgres SQL
  • Maintained a React based front-end using Node
  • Created deployment pipelines using Jenkins, GitHub, and Kubernetes
  • Enforced Unit and Acceptance test coverage using XUnit and SpecFlow
  • Monitored Splunk logs and setup NewRelic dashboards and alerts to maintain our API's

Senior Software Engineer

2020 - Present

Eastbanc Technologies

  • Develop & maintain front-end and back-end ASP.NET applications for satellite management clients.
  • Integrating Azure DevOps and Octopus Deploy CI/CD systems into manually deployed enterprise software.

Lead Software Engineer

2017 - 2021

Motor Control Lab VCU

  • Developed multiple novel rehabilitation-based Virtual Reality games to optimize movement behaviours in Parkinson’s disease, Cognitive Impairment, and chronic pain groups.
  • Exposure to large scale human subject data collection and data analysis algorithms.
  • Managed a small team of junior developers while using agile methodologies.



Richmond, VA


+1 440-591-8110